Tuesday, 1 October 2013

What's Your Favorite Christmas Cookie?

This Christmas will mark the 20th anniversary of Our Cookie Journal. I know I will be baking the classic faves in our house: Hedgehog Cookies, Dunkable Brownies and Grandma Baker's Overnight Cookies. I'll also incorporate some new entries that I discovered last Christmas: Cinnamon-Swirl Cookies and Brownie Thins, to name a few.

But I'm always looking for new favorites to add to the lineup. That's where you come in: What's your favorite cookie at Christmastime? What cookie holds the most memories for you? Perhaps it's a time-honored recipe for sugar cookies from your grandmother; or a gingerbread you bake every year with your children; or something you found on Pinterest that you can't wait to try. Whatever the source, please leave your comments here so I can plan my cookie tray for this Christmas. Feel free to leave a link to your own blog or another site.

As December draws near, I'll be sharing those recipes and your comments in this year's Journal entries, as I bake and highlight 20 different cookies to mark the 20th anniversary of Our Cookie Journal. It'll be here before we know it!