Monday, 26 November 2012

1993 - Chex Party Mix? That's Not a Cookie!

We realized that there are a few things that are going to pop up in Our Cookie Journal that don't exactly fit the profile. 

However, since they are a necessary ingredient in the Holiday Mix, they will be covered here. Enter Chex Party Mix. Grandma Baker used to make it too but she called it Nuts 'N' Bolts. I love that. Her version had the obligatory Chex cereals, but Cheerios were the nuts and pretzel rods were the bolts. Now it's made with all manner of ingredients but we tend to follow the recipe on the Chex box, substituting Bugles for bagel chips. (We always get silly and put the pointed corn chips on our fingers for the witchy look too.)

This year, we made more botches than batches! We had the floor batch, in which I knocked a pan of mix ready to be baked on the basement floor at Lisa's (she has two ovens - how handy is that?). We laughed our rears off about how it would taste and what we'd find in it but, naturally, decided to throw it out. We burned the first batch by baking it at 350 degrees instead of 250. So, we sprang into action, righted the temperature and churned out some primo mix. Then we made the crumbly batch that comes from the last bits in all the cereal boxes. Not a pretty sight — we couldn't find a square in there!  — but still good enough to eat.

NOTE: The General Mills website has a link for a half recipe. I have to laugh at the notion of a half-batch! Why would you ever make a half-batch?!?

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