Friday, 30 November 2012

1996 - We May Be Rushing Things but...

I'll try to keep up as we go this year! 

Tomorrow, we're going to bake two double batches of Nestle's Original Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies. We didn't think we would get to bake this Christmas because Lisa is sooooo pregnant! I hope she has her this week, while I'm on vacation from work. We know it's going to be another girl (which will make four). In the meantime, we've been shopping and planning and wrapping and, now, baking together while we still can. I'm impressed that Lisa can do so much — she's due next Sunday (Dec. 9). But the baby could keep us waiting till Christmas!

We actually went shopping on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), which we never do but she's afraid if she doesn't get it done now, she won't get a chance. We started at Target but the lines snaked all the way to the back of the store! So we headed to KB Toys at Jefferson Mall, where the line only wrapped around the perimeter of the store. We found a few items then stood in the line. By the time we got around to the cash register, we were each pushing a stack of presents as tall as ourselves! The bags were so humungous, I had to drag them to the mall door while Lisa went for the car. 

This will be a late baking start for us  — tomorrow is Dec. 2. Still, we've planned what we're going to make and I'm doing the shopping tonight (fingers crossed I'll get everything we need for a change!). In addition to the Toll House Cookies, we're going to try a new cookie that we saw in all the cookie magazines we've been perusing. It's a One-Bowl Brownie Cookie from Baker's Secret (the chocolate square company).

I also need to buy another cookie sheet — my good one is in storage since I moved home with Mom and Dad, and we need at least three in the rotation. Mom has offered her many cooling racks, which we will gladly use at Lisa's house.

Who knows at this point what else we'll bake? We'll have to see what the baby says!

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