Thursday, 29 November 2012

1995 - This Is No Old Chestnut

My niece Rachel and I sample a few goodies 
from the cookie tray. The Buckeyes are the 
chocolate delights on the left.

Lisa insisted that we make Buckeyes in a nod to our relatives in Ohio. And since Dad and she hail from the Buckeye State (and he LOVES peanut butter) they were a sure holiday hit. 

There’s no baking involved, so it’s really more a candy than a cookie. You just dip peanut butter balls into melted chocolate and refrain from gobbling them up as you go.

The Buckeye Tree is Ohio’s official state tree, so it’s no surprise that Buckeye Candy has become a tradition in itself. The sweet treat is formed to resemble the tree’s “nut” and is popular for tailgating, holiday parties and other festive occasions. 

I keep the recipe I found on a postcard on one of my many visits “up home,” as Dad says.

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