Wednesday, 8 May 2013

2012 - Decisions, Decisions

As usual, I don't have a plan. You'd think with this journal I would have everything mapped out and that I would know what I want to bake each Christmas season but life rarely works out that way. 

So, I wasn't quite sure what to make. Ever since I started transcribing Our Cookie Journal, I have had a hankering for Whoopie Pies. I haven't made them in years and a chocolate sandwich filled with cream sounds pretty good right now. Those call for buttermilk, though, and I really don't feel like walking to town for that. 

Then I decided to make some scrumptious Dunkable Brownies — one of my perennial favorites. Another inventory check found my cupboard lacking again! I need walnuts. I have some, but they expired in May. Of 2011!! 

I knew that if I made Hedgehog Cookies I would be sure to have all the ingredients because they are Charlie's yearlong favorite. What's more, since I was flush with chocolate chips and pecans, I decided to make Nestle's Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies too. I like Charlie's cookies, but I insist on my favorites at Christmas. 

I wound up with 6 1/2 dozen for me and 6 3/4 dozen for him. That should hold us for a while!

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