Wednesday, 1 May 2013

2012 - The Icing on the Cookie

Charlie's snowman sweater that I ordered on eBay came today! It's so cute on him. I bought myself some one-piece Christmas jammies too — covered in Santas! 

I made a giant batch of Royal Icing for the Sugar Cookies at about 10:30 a.m. I didn't use the one from Martha Stewart this time because she weighs the powdered sugar and I wanted to measure it in cups. I get so weary with conversions. I just copied something off the Internet — it's a fairly common recipe. 

Before I started, I hauled out all of my decorations and supplies. Then I made a list of each cookie shape and matched them to the colors I wanted to use on them. That way, I can do all of one color in one go, and not waste time or icing. 

So I started with white, obviously. Then did all the red. I outlined first, then did the flooding. I made a bit of a mess with the colored sugars too, as usual! I had to take a break at 4:30 to go to the post office and mail out some eBay stuff (and another Christmas book for my nephew, James). Then I met Charlie on his walk home from school. Once we got home, I made pizzas and called it a day with the cookies. I'll finish up tomorrow.

It's the last day of November and I spent most of it frosting Sugar Cookies. I started at 10:30 and just finished at 4:30 (it's like a job, with banker's hours!). I finished them all though and now my back is aching a bit. It was worth it though and I'm glad I started with these (technically). I took lots of photos throughout and I hope I can remember to review before I start next year!

I made snowmen with gold buttons and melted chocolate chip eyes; blue, red and green ornaments with edible sugar flakes; red-and-white candy canes; Christmas trees with with sprinkles and dragées; blue stars with edible glitter; yellow stars with edible gold stars; and my favorites: red, white and green JOYs with coordinating sugars. They're all really cute and I'm so proud of them! I can't wait to share them!!

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  1. Good read! Like always! I am a fat man, and by default, I love the stuff that you cook!