Sunday, 28 April 2013

2012 - I'm on a Roll!

I started to roll out the Sugar Cookies this morning at 11 and just finished baking them (it's nearly 4 p.m. on Nov. 27). I made stars, trees, snowmen, canes, ornaments and JOYs (these are new and I love them!). I had four cookie sheets, so I was able to keep way ahead — I had two in the freezer, one in the oven and one on standby. I wound up with nearly 14 dozen (there were a few delicious casualties).

I also made 22 trees with sprinkles on them (not to be frosted) for Charlie to take in his lunchbox this week. I made four look like bloody arrowheads to mimic the ones that Marge Simpson made for Bart by putting red sprinkles on the tops of the trees. He loved them! The rest will be frosted and decorated tomorrow.

While I was baking, I also made pizza dough and got out the Christmas linens (potholders, tea towels, tablecloth, aprons, etc.) and a few decorations to greet Charlie when he comes home from school.

Mom's care package came about 15 minutes ago! YIPPEE! She's soooo cute, the way she puts little surprises in there. Whether it's a sauce mix, a pickle in a bag or a Christmas ornament — she always tickles me with something special. Now I'm off to make a glorious batch of Chex Party Mix with the cereals she sent — whoohoo!

I made three batches of Chex Mix! Fortunately, I had pecans and cashews on hand because I knew the package was coming. I made one batch for Charlie with no pretzels or nuts (otherwise he picks over them and leaves the mix grossly unbalanced!). But I caught him picking over the rice squares in his own batch! Ridiculous! Mom's sending more. Good thing — you only get three batches from three boxes. I could eat it every single day. Yummm! I also used celery salt this time (1/4 teaspoon) after researching Chex Mix for Our Cookie Journal. The old recipe called for it but the current one asks for seasoned salt, garlic powder and onion powder. I like celery salt, so I used it.

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