Monday, 8 April 2013

2011 - A Noteworthy Year for Cookies

I wasn't very prolific this year, unfortunately. I kept a few notes on the side and failed to transfer them to Our Cookie Journal. It was a bit difficult trying to work, look after Charlie, bake, get ready for Christmas AND write! Still, I have some record of what I baked and here it is:

 On Sunday, Nov. 13, I made my usual first cookie of the season: Hedgehog Cookies! Charlie's already plowing through them! I put 11 dozen in the cookie jar and 12 dozen in the freezer. As it's November, I'm sure I'll be returning to this recipe before Christmas.

I also made another batch of Pumpkin Bread (I had made a batch already and had only a half dozen muffins left!). I also made two loaves with sultanas and without nuts for a friend at work. The remaining five loaves were "normal'.

A week later, I made a double batch of Checkerboard Cookies dough. I also made the dough for a double batch of Lime-Glazed Cookies from the Martha Stewart Cookies app for iPad. I love having the app because it's so easy to search and access recipes.

On Nov. 20, I baked the Checkerboards and Limes, yielding about 5 dozen each. Unfortunately, I added too much butter to the Checkerboards. This made them incredibly easier to roll out but they were just too rich and almost greasy once baked. I really have to be more careful when I convert! The Lime Cookies are very tart, sweet, zesty and fragrant — I LOVE them!

I also made pie crust dough for Pumpkin Pies for Thanksgiving. And I made two batches of Sugar Cookies dough. Whew!

I made a Shepherd's Pie on Nov. 21, and then started rolling out, cutting out, and baking Sugar Cookies. I made canes, stars, trees, holly, snowmen, bells, trees and mini trees. I ran out of parchment paper, though, and they started sticking to the new anodized pans that I bought. Neil brought some home and I was able to finish with an aching back and enjoy my Shepherd's Pie.

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