Wednesday, 3 April 2013

2010 - Too Cranky for Crinkles?

I thought I'd get a lot done today; that's what I get for thinking!

Once I got Charlie off to school, I got the Coconut Cream-Filled Macaroons in the oven. While they baked, I made the filling (which is so good, you'll be tempted to eat it on its own!). I must have been very generous, though, because I nearly ran out of filling. I wound up with 4 dozen (doesn't seem like much for a double batch!). There was one left over too  — YUM! I packed these up in the freezer (leaving absolutely no more room now).

I made the dough for Snickerdoodles and Chewy Molasses Spice Crinkles, thinking I'd get both of those done today. However, life snuck up on me — laundry, shopping, dinner and looking after Charlie and his many demands — and I managed to bake only the Snickerdoodles. I'm using Lisa's recipe but I don't think I will use it again because of my perennial complaint: not enough cinnamon! With this recipe, you roll the dough into balls, which are then coated in the cinnamon-sugar mixture. So, I beefed it up with more cinnamon and I hope that will help. These take quite a long time to finish (especially if you make a double batch!) so I'll have to save the Molasses Crinkles for tomorrow. I got 8 1/2 dozen Snicks.

I baked the Molasses Spice Crinkles while watching the snow fall. These are really good to eat but they are such a pain to deal with sometimes. Maybe it was just me because it was the last batch of cookies for the year and I was ready to be finished, but I found them too fiddly and messy. The dough was so sticky and, again, it has to be rolled into balls, which are then coated in sugar. Best to just get them all rolled and plopped into a spare bowl, then roll them all at once in the sugar. Otherwise, it's just too messy and your hands will look like prunes when you finish because you'll have to wash the sticky dough off after loading each tray-full. Yield: only 5 1/2 dozen because I got fed up!

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