Wednesday, 17 April 2013

2012 - In the Christmas Spirit Already

It's only Nov. 15 but I sent some money to Mom via PayPal so she can send me a care package before Thanksgiving — I neeeed Chex Party Mix before Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, Charlie wants to have a cake stall at school to help raise money for the Children in Need charity day they're having. I made cupcakes and brownies for him to sell. Since I'm brimming with holiday spirit already, I'm using Christmas sprinkles and listening to Danielle's Xmas Mix playlist that I made for her last year. The school children will appreciate the festive look too, I'm sure.

I'll be making Pumpkin Bread soon, since I like that for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of course, I'll have pies to make too. Then I can focus on COOKIES!

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