Wednesday, 15 May 2013

2012 - 'She Bakes Cookies and Hands Them Out'

I've been busy baking brownies today because tomorrow (Dec. 8) is National Brownie Day! I'm going to blog about it for Our Cookie Journal and I wholeheartedly approve of this national day of observance!

A mound of Dunkable Brownies.

I started with one batch of Dunkable Brownies — boy, is that dough good! I toasted the walnuts this time, just for a richer flavor. And I rotated the trays midway, so I could inhale all that chocolate air in there! I yielded 4 1/2 dozen cookies, not counting the irresistible one that I ate.

Toasted walnuts add depth of flavor.

I want to make Brownie Thins too, so I had to walk to town for more supplies, including pistachio nuts for the Brownie Thins. 

I keep cookies and other treats ready to hand out.

On the way, I saw Mark, who usually delivers our care packages via Parcel Force. I gave him a bit of schtick over not having my package yet and he said he'd be around later with it. YAY! I told him he would get his annual package of cookies from me then. I was expecting him about a week ago, when I got my last care package from Mom but another guy brought it, so I gave him the cookies I had ready at the door for Mark. I told Mark about his loss and he laughed and said he told the guy, "You might like going there — she bakes cookies and hands them out!"

Mark knows he gets cookies at my house!


  1. I have a neighbor who bakes baklava and brings it around... always a nice surprise!

    1. How wonderful! That's not easy to bake either! Sharing baked goods is such a lovely thing to do - you're lucky!!