Monday, 6 May 2013

2012 - Muffin Madness

I walked into town yesterday (Dec. 2) because I needed some baking supplies — flour, fresh baking powder, etc. I also bought a small poinsettia, white hyacinths and a chocolate advent calendar for Charlie from Thornton's. I don't even have to say his name; they know us!

Today, I decided to make some Pumpkin Bread muffins. Mom sent me two aluminum pans for making mini-muffins! I tested six in Christmas liners because I wasn't sure if they'd stick or not. I usually don't use them but I didn't want to have to keep washing the pans between every batch. They didn't stick, thankfully, so I've forged ahead with the liners. They take only 15 minutes this way too.

Meanwhile, I've been listing CDs on eBay so I'll have some extra cash for Christmas presents. And, of course, I've been busy posting entries to Our Cookie Journal on my blog.

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