Saturday, 23 March 2013

1999 - Home for the Holidays!

Wow, what a quick Christmas season this year! Charlie and I didn't get to go back to Louisville for our annual summer visit so we arranged to go home the day after he got out of school for Christmas break (Dec. 7). We were there a little over two weeks and it we didn't get back to England till Dec. 22!

We were suffering from jet lag but there was an awful lot to do to prepare for Christmas (and a visit from St. Nick). Fortunately, we had put the (artificial) tree up before we left. And I did as much baking as I could before we left. I even took cookies with me to share.

I always take Hedgehog Cookies with us on the plane — but we have to eat what we take or throw them out, so it's never more than a dozen in our carry-on luggage. But I had others packed and stashed in the larger bags! I took more Hedgehogs, Dunkable Brownies and Lime Meltaways. There were plenty to share and set out on Mom's cookie platter. In fact, Barb, the neighbor across the street, wanted the recipe for the Dunkables (a brownie cookie). They are always a hit everywhere I take them.

While we were at Mom's, she made Snickerdoodles (Lisa's recipe) and Nestle's Chocolate Chip Cookies, my favorite. I think she also made some Christmas Tree slice and bake cookies from Pillsbury. How lucky are Americans that they can buy those? We don't have that here in England — yet! I even bought a few Nestle's Chocolate Chip Cookie dough trays to take home. I will freeze them, then stow them in my bag, which will keep cold in the hold-all until I get them home. I really don't mind making my own, but it's nice to have a choice!

I also bought some new cookie trays and tins — I can never resist! And my niece, Danielle, and I went shopping at Target for a few baking supplies. I just couldn't get over how many more products there were available for the home baker and the cookie exchanger. Stuff I didn't even know I needed!! Naturally, I bought a few goodies to bring back with me.

I wanted to bake cookies with Lisa's girls but we just didn't have enough time. In fact, I didn't record anything other than what I've written here for 1999. This is it! See you next year, when I will keep better records, I hope.

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