Friday, 8 March 2013

2007 - Coconut Cream Is a Dream!

I was all set to make Coconut Cream-Filled Macaroons today but I didn't have any cream of coconut so Charlie and I had to walk to town. Before we left, I called my friend, Lucy, to see if she would look for molasses while she was Christmas shopping in Oxford. I told her she can probably find it at a health food store.

When we got home, I made 4 1/2 dozen macaroons. I gave Lucy a dozen for bringing the molasses for tomorrow's Gingerbread party. I LOVE these cookies at every stage. The cookies that you sandwich together are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. And the filing is just scrumptious - thick and creamy and coconutty. Next year, just make the filling and eat it up with a big spoon! Yum!
Mom telephoned while I was putting the macaroons in the fridge to set. She called because she was sad about Lisa. Poor thing! She was thinking about her because she was making Coconut Cream-Filled Macaroons too! They made her think about Lisa because she was making them last year when Mike called with the awful news of her death. We talked, cried, laughed. Eventually, she was OK and ready to finish her cookies.

Afterward, I cut out and baked all the Gingerbread Kids. Charlie helped me count them - we got 47 boys and 41 girls. I made the icing too and divided it among 10 piping bags and stashed it all in the fridge. We're all set for tomorrow's party now. YAY! We can't wait! 

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