Tuesday, 26 March 2013

2010 - Butter Up the Baker

Mom had her knee replacement surgery yesterday, Dec. 6. Ouch! It's a necessary evil and I'm glad she's had it done but the recovery won't be easy or quick. I wish I could be there with her. She will be in the hospital for a spell but Michael will take care of her when she gets to go home.

Baking is a good way to take your mind off things so I made the dough for Sugar Cookies. I always use Martha Stewart's recipe now; it's reliable. I was going to make something else but we didn't have any butter. No butter? How can this be? Once again I'm trying to kick off the baking season without taking inventory first. How many times have I said it here even? Read your recipes; take stock. I just assume we'll always have the basics though. And you'd think if my family wanted cookies all the time they would butter up the baker and make sure my pantry is always full.

Charlie and I walked to town today and bought, among other things, eight packages of butter. I didn't get to make anything else today though because I wanted to get the Sugar Cookies baked. I made 1 dozen bells; 2 1/2 dozen trees; 4 dozen mini trees; 3 dozen stars; 2 dozen candy canes; and a baker's dozen of green-sprinkled (unfrosted) trees for Charlie's lunchbox this week.

Now I'm going to call Mom at the hospital again and see how she's doing. There's still flour on the counter!

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