Monday, 4 March 2013

2007 - If You Give a Friend a Cookie

I decided to make Mom's Citrus Slice & Bake Cookies today, so I mixed up the dough and socked it away in the fridge, along with a batch of Kolacky dough.

Citrus Slice & Bake Cookies from Land O' Lakes butter.
With the logs chilling, I had enough time before picking up Charlie from school to make Grandma Baker's Criss-Cross Cookies. It's my favorite peanut butter cookie because the texture is chewy. I finished with nearly 6 dozen. Before I went for Charlie, I packed up all the Sugar Cookies (except a small tray-full for munching). 

I bought four cookie trays on eBay. They're plastic Santa trays that read: Cookies for Santa. I used four to make gifts for Charlie's teachers and I get to keep one for myself! 

This year's cookie trays ready to be wrapped.
The Citrus Cookies yielded 5 dozen. I had to brush the semi-logs with butter to make sure the sugar sticks. By the way, I used 1 tsp lemon extract, 1 tsp orange extract and only made orange-colored sugar. Next time, I'll do a lemon zest-lemon sugar version too. 

I didn't get to the Kolacky today. I was out of time and needed to assemble the cookie tray gifts. They were lovely, as ever! I also made four treat boxes for "the girls" that I meet for tea on Friday mornings. They're the mums I've met at Charlie's school. They were very pleased and surprised. I also sent in treat bags filled with Sugar Cookies and other sweets to the children in Charlie's class. 

It's Dec 6 and I still have baking to do but I'm taking a break this weekend. I'd like to make the Coconut Cream-Filled MacaroonsDunkable Brownies, more Hedgehog Cookies and finish the Kolacky. And I'm thinking that should just about do it.
Cookie gifts for friends and teachers.

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