Saturday, 2 March 2013

2007 - Bake All Day, Frost All Night

First thing after I got Charlie off to school, I baked the Snicker Doodles that I whipped up yesterday (Dec. 4). A double batch yielded 8 1/2 dozen scrumptious cookies. I followed Lisa's directions, pressing the cinnamon-sugar-coated balls down with a glass. These cookies were far superior to the Pinwheels and I'll probably stick with these from here on out. My sister knew what she was talking about when it comes to cookies!
Overnight Cookies, with pecans.
Afterward, I sliced and baked the Overnight Cookies. Charlie was a little disappointed that I baked them while he was at school, but I had to get on with it. I wound up with 4 1/2 dozen (no nuts) and 4 dozen (with nuts). 
Production zone! 

Then I went for Charlie, made supper and bought some gingerbread house cookie cutters on eBay. I also got some gingerbread boy and girl cutters in the mail yesterday, but now I don't know where I've stashed them!
Sugar Cookie cutouts.

I started frosting Sugar Cookies after Charlie went up to bed; I was up till midnight. I had such a back ache. It was all worth it when Charlie came down in the morning, though. He made his selections to take in his packed lunch for the Pantomime. He wanted one of each shape! Of course he did.
Sugar Cookies waiting to set.

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