Wednesday, 6 March 2013

2007 - Meet My Able Assistant, Charlie

After Charlie and I returned home after his soccer practice, I made Dunkable Brownies. I was going to double the recipe but my Skyco order of American groceries hasn't come yet. I wound up with 46 with walnuts and I made a dozen for Charlie with no nuts. Then I made another batch of Snicker Doodles dough to go in the fridge.

We went to Clemmie's birthday party today (Dec. 15). But before we left I made a batch of Checkerboard Cookies dough (two rectangular "logs"). After we got home from the party, I baked the Checkerboards for a yield of 21 white-and-black cookies and 21 black-and-white cookies. 
Then Charlie helped me make the Snicks. He was so helpful! He rolled the dough into balls; made the cinnamon-sugar mixture; rolled them in the mixture; and removed the baked cookies from the tray. What a helper! We made 8 dozen. 

Afterward, he decided to start his own Cookie Journal! How cute is that? We also made another double batch of Hedgehog Cookies (6 1/2 dozen) and some Kolacky dough to throw in the fridge until tomorrow. 

I was all set to make the dough for the Gingerbread Kids for Charlie's cookie decorating party but I don't have molasses! How could I not?! The gingerbread party is on Monday! I could have a crisis on my hands! I'll have to figure something out tomorrow. 

I finished the day with a batch of Chex Party Mix. I pulled it out of the oven at 12:45 a.m. Good night! 

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