Thursday, 7 February 2013

2005 - Chocolate on the Brain Again

Cookie tray, 2005: Gingerbread Men (decorated
by Charlie), Nestle's Toll House Cookies,
Kolacky, Snickerdoodle Pinwheels,
Lime Meltaways, Chocolate Malt Sandwiches,
Choc-Oat-Chip Cookies and Dunkable Brownies.

As soon as I finished breakfast, I got busy on another batch of Dunkable Brownies. Since I had so much baking chocolate, I decided to go ahead and double up! I made a ton of them (big ones this time, too), but I didn't count them because I had to get our Sunday Roast Dinner ready. Suffice to say, we won't be running out any time soon! 

I filled a tin (in the freezer) and a Christmas-themed lidded bucket with these, my favorite chocolate cookie. They are so satisfying and delicious. Now I'm going to put some in a bag for Mark (the Parcel Force guy). He usually brings our packages from Mom and Lisa (and me, when I'm in Kentucky and sending them back home to myself!). I hope he brings our package today! I gave the postman (Royal Mail) a bag of cookies this morning already. I love doing that! 

I always take a shopping bag full of cookies and Pumpkin Bread into town with us on Christmas Eve too. I hand out the goodies to various friends, neighbors and shopkeepers. I always have some bagged up to go at home too — so I'm always ready (and it looks like I never forget anyone!). 

Anyway, the butter is out softening, so I can make more cookies later today. Martha Stewart's Chocolate Malt Sandwiches, I think. Mom's on her second batch of those — this time with caramel chips. I don't think I'd like that addition, particularly with malt. Thanks to Mom, I have powdered malt on hand. She sent some to put in our homemade milkshakes. I haven't tried the Malt Sandwiches yet but they look like they will be happily received.

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