Thursday, 14 February 2013

2006 - Chex Party Mix to the Max

Now, to get back to yesterday (Nov. 17), when I was happily interrupted (finally!) by a care package from Mom. 

After I called Mom with the good news, I whipped up a batch of Nestle's Toll House Cookies. "It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!" I came out with 5 1/2 dozen, which won't even get us through November! So, I'll be back at it later today.

Naturally, I made a batch of Chex Party Mix yesterday too. But in my enthusiasm, I set the oven too low (150 degrees Fahrenheit) and it should have been at 250. It's still delicious — complete with Bugles, cashews and pecans. Mom sent some nice little pretzel knots too.

Since that box went missing and I was desperate for Chex Mix, Mom sent another package containing the three Chex cereals and a few other goodies that will be here before Thanksgiving! So, it will be Chex Max this year! Well, the butter is softening, so I better get busy measuring out the ingredients for the next installment of Toll House Cookies.


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