Monday, 11 February 2013

2006 - Good Things Come in Care Packages

Last week, Charlie and I made a batch of Pumpkin Bread and came up with eight fragrant loaves. As usual, he could hardly wait for them to cool so he could have a slice or three! We nearly ate one loaf in one day. We wrapped up two loaves to give to his teacher and her assistant (Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Hunt). And we gave a loaf to our neighbor, Linda. As of today, Nov. 16, we're down to one frozen loaf! We'll have to do another batch this weekend.

Fortunately, I have 10 cans of Libby's pumpkin to tide me over through next year. I usually get it at Waitrose but they've discontinued it this year! However, when I questioned them, I discovered they had a case in the warehouse! So, I snatched up what I needed for bread and pie through next year. Maybe by then Skyco will carry pumpkin and not just pumpkin pie filling (the two are not interchangeable, and I prefer pumpkin, so I can add my own spices). Otherwise, I'll have to get Mom to send a few cans over.

Goodies from a typical care package from Mom.

The curse of the Chex Party Mix continues this year! Aaarrgghh! Since Skyco had only Corn Chex this year, I asked Mom to mail the cereals, Bugles and pretzels about three weeks ago (plus about $75 worth of other goodies). But so far, it hasn't turned up and Parcel Force is saying it's lost. I was SO unhappy and disappointed over it! And since I really must have Chex Mix before Thanksgiving, I asked Mom to resend the cereals and pretzels, and a few other things in the lost box. She mailed it this morning, so maybe I'll have it by Monday or Tuesday. But it won't contain my box of chocolates, or my new jammies, or Charlie's T-shirt, or the treats Mom added to the first one.

WAIT A MINUTE!! Unbelievable! It's HERE!! Mark's here with my package! I gotta call Mom! (And lay out the paper towels for the Chex Mix to cool on). Yay!

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