Tuesday, 19 February 2013

2006 - Slice and Bake — and Freeze Before I Eat Them All!

Since both the doughs I made yesterday went into the fridge overnight as logs, I was a slice-and-bake fiend today (Dec. 6). I baked the Lime Meltaways, a yearly favorite, giving them all a coat of powdered sugar, and broke only ONE. It's a new Christmas baking record! I also ate two; and packed away 15 1/2 dozen. My freezer is bulging!

I also baked Grandma Baker's Overnight Cookies today and yielded a whopping 15 dozen. I can't see myself ever doubling this recipe. I wasn't sure if I'd like them but they were scrumptious! "They make a nice lunchbox cookie," as Mom would say! I'm glad I made them — I think they were a hit and they could make a repeat performance in coming Christmases.

While the Overnights were baking, I decided to give the old Snickerdoodle Pinwheels one more shot. I vowed last year that I wouldn't make them again but I love the way they look. So, I decided to give them another bash but this time I'll increase the amount of cinnamon-sugar mixture. I'm hoping that will do the trick and you can finally taste the cinnamon — a problem I have with most Snicker Doodle recipes. We'll see!


  1. awesome information! Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you, Tyler! I hope you'll try one of the recipes!