Wednesday, 27 February 2013

2007 - Better Late Than Never

I think I set a record for late starts this year. There was no way I could start the day after Thanksgiving, since I had the dinner. I've made a batch of Pumpkin Bread (before Thanksgiving) and I've made two batches of Chex Party Mix, but no cookies until today, Dec. 3.

I had to walk Charlie to school first, before I could start baking. He requested "Tree Cookies" to take to the Pantomime on Thursday, and I need to finish the teachers' cookies for Friday morning.

The snowman cookie jar is filled with Charlie's favorite: Hedgehog Cookies.

Still, I made Hedgehog Cookies first, to fill the Snowman cookie jar. I made a double batch but it sure doesn't look like there will be enough! I wound up with 5 1/2 dozen, so I'll be making more of those for sure. I have only enough chocolate chips for another double batch. I'll have to get more grocery goodies from Skyco next Monday or so. I took four "Hedgehogs" to Charlie to eat on his walk home. I use that recipe every year but I haven't copied it into Our Cookie Journal yet (I still consult "Joy of Cooking"). You'd think I'd have it memorized! I have a compulsive nature to double-check the recipe anyway.

After I knocked out the Hedgehogs, I made a batch of Sugar Cookies from Martha's 2005 Cookie magazine. I'll get those rolled, cut out and baked tomorrow. Charlie I spent the evening making invitations for his Gingerbread Party on Dec. 17. We used a cookie cutter to trace out gingerbread shapes on brown construction paper. He has invited NINE schoolmates! The other parents think I'm crazy but Charlie's really looking forward to it and I know it will be fun.

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