Monday, 18 February 2013

2006 - A Chip Off the Old Block

Later that same day ...

So late, in fact, that the day has just gone. I couldn't start baking till 9 p.m. (mixing, really). Charlie helped me throw together a double batch of Toll House Cookies, which yielded a substantial 11 dozen! That ought to hold us for a while! I prefer to use Nestle's chocolate chips but I ran out; fortunately Skyco had Hershey's chocolate chips. Charlie and I had one cookie each off the cooling rack — they were superb, as usual. 

Charlie cracked me up because he got so tickled, when adding ingredients, at how the brown sugar didn't pour out of the cup when he tilted it into the bowl. Instead, it plonked out, holding the shape of the measuring cup because it had been packed. We had such a laugh! He's such a good boy — and Masterchef!

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