Tuesday, 5 February 2013

2005 - Cookies Make Great Gifts!

imageI figured out how to package the Christmas cookies for Charlie's teachers. There's a small drug store down Newbury Street that stocks stationery and some kitchen supplies. They sell white cake boxes, so I bought a few of those and a roll of clear plastic cellophane. I cut windows in the tops of the boxes, then cut the cellophane to fit. I put the various cookies in cupcake liners within the boxes and tied them up with ribbons. We gave a box of cookies to each of his teachers, the headmistress and the school secretary. It's a small, sweet school (there are only five students in Charlie's class!).

After a week of maladies, I'm back in action! First, Charlie had the flu for two days. Then I got it for two days, during which time Neil and Charlie went for the Christmas tree. Even though I wasn't feeling 100 percent better, I decorated the tree with Charlie — and that's when I pulled a muscle in my back! Then Charlie got a bad cough and needed antibiotics. It's been an awful week! In fact, we're not fully recuperated but I whipped up a batch of gingerbread dough at Charlie's insistence, so he can make some Gingerbread Men tonight or tomorrow.

imageThen, because I gave so many away, I cranked out another batch of Nestle's Chocolate Chip Cookies, which produced a plentiful 5 dozen. Now the snowman cookie jar is filled up and there's a gallon-sized freezer bag full too. Some of those will go to Mark, the Parcel Force guy who brings my care packages — if he ever gets here with our box from Lisa. 

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