Thursday, 21 February 2013

2006 - We Come Bearing Cookies

Cookie Sampler, 2006.

I cranked out a batch of Dunkable Brownies yesterday (Dec. 8), resulting in 5 decadent dozen! I baked them for only 8 1/2 minutes in my fan-assisted oven because they're not nearly as nice if they're overbaked. I want them chewy and moist, not hard and dry.

I also baked the Snickerdoodle Pinwheels that I prepared yesterday and wound up with 10 1/2 dozen. I don't know how I got them all in the freezer! I just kept shifting things; and I tossed a few questionable items. The Snicks were tastier this time, with the extra cinnamon-sugar. And I just love the way they look. 

I made a quick batch of Coconut Cream-Filled Macaroons too. I had a bit of a mis-hap though: the recipe calls for unsweetened coconut and I added sweetened (which I've done in the past) but forgot to adjust the sugar in the recipe! And I even consulted last year's entry in Our Cookie Journal before I began.

I didn't have a chance to finish them yesterday, anyway, so I don't know yet how they'll turn out. I had to get Charlie's supper ready for him after he got home from his school trip to the Cinderella pantomime. And I had tea with Linda and Neil, our next-door neighbors from Winslow Hall. 

I did manage to mix up some Spicy Pumpkin Seeds to put in the cookie gift boxes though. They're so tasty, yet so easy — I made 6 cups' worth.

There were only four cookie boxes to make this year for Charlie's teachers and headmistress. I was very happy with the results (and so were they). Charlie and I delivered them this morning. I enclosed a card, so they'd know it was a perishable gift. On the back of the card, I put a photo of what was inside, as a legend (like chocolate boxes):

I'm exhausted! But not finished. I still want to make the Coconut Cookies, even though they're not going in any treat boxes. They'll be great for cookie trays throughout the season. And I want to call Lisa and see what she's making or if she has any new entries for the diary. I've tried her a few times but she's sooo busy with her job at Meijer. She must work 60 hours a week! We talked about stocking stuffers not long ago though! I'm glad we've kept up the tradition even after I moved to England. Anyway, I'll call her tomorrow after I get back with Charlie from Millie's birthday party. 

I packed four boxes with cookies and more for Charlie's teachers & headmistress.

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