Thursday, 28 February 2013

2007 - Let It Dough!

I hauled out my nutcracker oven mitt (that Mom gave me one Christmas) and my Christmas tree spatula (that I wheedled out of Mom a few years ago) and all my cookie cutters and cranked out the Sugar Cookies that Charlie requested. There were about 9 1/2 dozen, but 2 1/2 dozen were mini trees, so it's more like 8 dozen.

I made Charlie's trees; and snowmen, bells, candy canes, stars, mini trees, and, as an afterthought, angels. I set these aside (on new trays that I bought last year) to be frosted tomorrow.

My lovely assistant, Charlie, with the Checkerboard Cookies. 

Then I made the dough and "logs" for Checkerboard Cookies. That takes about an hour! It's really fiddly and you have to be dedicated to want to bake these. The doughs — black and white — are rolled to measure, then cut into strips. The strips are then used to build the cookies, using an egg wash to help them stick together. Charlie and I both really like the taste of these light, buttery cookies, and I love the way they look on the tray.

When Charlie got home, he requested Grandma Baker's Overnight Cookies, so we made a half-batch (he got some math practice!). We listened to Christmas music while we mixed, just like Lisa and I always did. He always pulls his little stool up to the counter to help. At one point, ihe accidentally lifted the mixer arm and dough and flour flew all over the kitchen! We both froze; then he started singing, "Let it dough, let it dough, let it dough!" We both exploded with laughter! We put the four logs into the fridge (no paper towel tubes — I want them flat on one side like Grandma's always were). We made two logs with pecans (me) and two without (Charlie).

I also mixed up some of Lisa's Snicker Doodles. I'm bored with those Snickerdoodle Pinwheels — they look great, but they don't taste that great. So, I honored Lisa by trying her favorite Snicker Doodle recipe, which she kindly copied into the diary the first year she made them. I refrigerated the dough for tomorrow, when I'll be back at it again.

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