Thursday, 3 January 2013

2003 - Divvy Up the Loot

What a day! I started rolling out the Sugar Cookies at noon and the last tray came out of the oven at 7 p.m.! We're loaded with cookies now! I decided to divvy them up as I went and  here are the results:

(Wait - I made bells, trees, candy canes, snowmen, stars and holly leaves; then mini trees out of the leftover dough.)

Lisa: 1 dozen each + 1 dozen little trees and 1 1/2 dozen + 1 of assorted.

Me: 1 dozen each + 1 1/2 dozen little trees + 2 dozen assorted.

Mom: 2 each (for her cookie tray).

Michael: 1/2 dozen each (except holly leaves).

Grand total: 20 1/2 dozen!

When I finished, I had dinner, then whipped up another batch of Criss-Cross dough for myself. I'll bake those tomorrow  — after the Limeys.

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