Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2003 - Homeward Bound

It's difficult to part with even one Dunkable Brownie.

I used up the very last drops of my pure vanilla extract to make two batches of Dunkable Brownies today (Nov. 22). They are soooooo good! They're full of intense chocolate brownie flavor. In fact, I was tempted to tell Lisa that I made only one batch! But I packed up her share and divided my portion (half for here, half for there), and my freezer is now bulging with baked goodies. I'll probably have one whole suitcase full of cookies to take home!

We each get four dozen, minus a few that mysteriously disappeared! And so concludes my last baking session on this side of the Atlantic Ocean for this year. Well, unless I made some more of these when I get back — four dozen seems such a measly amount.

Meanwhile, I'll have to get my recipes together so I can bake at Mom's house when I go back. Lisa and I will do the Nestle's Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies at her house. I might skip the Moravian Spice Cookies. We'll see.

Until Louisville ...

Homeward-bound with a suitcase full of cookies!

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