Thursday, 17 January 2013

2004 - What? No Cookies?

Charlie dons my Christmas apron.

Charlie and I made Christmas cupcakes over the Dec. 8 weekend. We made the mini ones, complete with Christmas-striped liners. We wound up with 3 dozen. He adds all the pre-measured ingredients, puts the liners in the baking tins, and decorates them with Christmas-colored sprinkles after I frost them.

He's such a good little helper. He pulls his chair up to the counter as soon as he sees my measuring spoons. And he always takes a big whiff of the vanilla extract (or the spices, if we're making Pumpkin Bread).

We had yellow cake mix and white frosting from a can, and we sprinkled them with red sugar, green sugar, and red-and-green nonpareils. He would accidentally dip the sprinkle jars in the frosting, shaking them up and down, and I had to keep unclogging the little holes on the tops.

I was going to take some of the treats into his Montessori class but we couldn't stop eating them! They were so very tiny, it was nothing to eat two or three at a time! In fact, three days later and they're all gone! Oh, well! We can make more.

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