Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2003 - A Serious Start

Yesterday, Nov. 15, I had a faux Thanksgiving dinner for Neil and his cousin's family because Charlie and I are going to Grandma's for Thanksgiving. We had all the fixings and they love coming round for my American holiday feast. They especially like the "Candied Yams," except they're really sweet potatoes, of course, covered in butter, brown sugar and marshmallows.

While I was at it, I made another batch of Pumpkin Bread. I must have filled the mini loaf pans differently, though, because this time I wound up with six mini loaves. I guess I was feeling generous.

Today, I got a serious start on my baking. Here's what I'm making — doubles of everything, of course, to split with Lisa: Sugar Cookies, Lime Meltaways, Peach Kolacky, Nestle's Toll House Original Chocolate Chip Cookies, Dunkable Brownies, Grandma Baker's Criss-Cross Cookies, Vanilla-Bean Butter Cookies, Snickerdoodle Pinwheels and Moravian Spice Cookies. I think we just might make it through the holidays!

I made two batches each of Martha Stewart's Sugar Cookies and two batches each of her Lime Meltaways. The doughs are all wrapped in parchment paper and tucked in the fridge until tomorrow, when I get down to the baking side of it.

Meanwhile, I called Lisa, who was busy making Pumpkin Bread. She forgot the oil and water in the first batch! Oh dear! But she followed up that mishap with two perfect batches. I'm awaiting her email to hear how it went. April was helping (could that explain the boo-boo?). Because Charlie was helping me, which explains why I kept leaving out various quantities of flour — 3/4 cup the first time and 1 cup the second time! I could tell by the unused (and therefore un-floured) measuring cups. All is right, though, and I have confidence that my Limeys will be perfect.

After I talked to Lisa, I made a quick batch of Grandma Baker's Criss-Cross Cookies. I yielded 5 3/4 dozen. They're going in a freezer bag for Lisa (minus some for Mom). I'll bake mine tomorrow. While I was making these, Charlie pointed to some on the cookie sheet, waiting to go into the oven, and said: "Charlie want a fresh one." HA HA! Eating cookie dough must be an inherent trait.

I bought two new cookie sheets (£10.95 each!) and I cannot believe it — the suckers are too big for my stupid, puny oven! RATS! Good thing I have parchment paper for the old ones (which I ruined making Kolacky last year without parchment paper!).

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