Sunday, 13 January 2013

2004 - Chocolate Therapy

The aroma alone makes me feel better.

I made a batch of Dunkable Brownies that yielded 4 1/2 dozen. It's a scrumptious start to the baking season and I'm ready for more! Naturally, I wondered if there would be enough — especially if I decide to share. I'd love to mail some to Lisa. We discovered these together, so I always think of her when I bake them. We both love how satisfying they are.

I'm definitely going to send my niece, Michelle, some Lime Meltaways. She helped me the first time I ever made them and we both thought they were nice. And she was pleased we had leftover juice, so she could make limeade. Now she's in Florida with her boyfriend. Lisa misses her like crazy.

Well the Dunkables were scent-sational, so I couldn't resist sampling one that was cooling on a rack. They are chocolate therapy. As much as I miss home, I feel closer whenever I bake. The rest are tucked away in the freezer awaiting their turn on various cookie trays throughout the season. And a few will find their way to my sister to share her Christmas with her.

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