Saturday, 12 January 2013

2004 - I'm in the Mood for Cookies

It's the day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 26) and I'm exhausted! 

We had a great holiday, in the end, but Charlie had a 24-hour-virus Tuesday. He was sick as a dog and had to stay home from school Wednesday too just to be on the safe side. But  he was feeling better Wednesday, and I was able to bake a  pumpkin pie, a peach pie (both with homemade crusts), and a pan of brownies. I also made My Corn Chowder later that night because I didn't want the ingredients to go bad. Anyway, it freezes well and I love it anytime.

Last Sunday I made a batch of Pumpkin Bread that yielded seven heavenly mini loaves! Lisa made a batch this week too and even used all the ingredients required! (See Unpumpkin Bread) Mom made a batch that she confessed was dry — she blames the flour she used. I also made a batch of Chex Party Mix last week but it has already somehow vanished. I'll have to make more  — fast! I brought home the cereals and Bugles in my suitcase when we visited America for Halloween. I'm so glad Charlie got to go trick-or-treating with his cousins! He went dressed as Peter Pan, of course. He dresses as Peter Pan most days anyway!

Our last visit home was in May and now that we've come for Halloween, we won't be able to return for Christmastime and it's going to make a HUGE difference in my merriment ...

I think I'll get the season off to a start with a batch of cookies today. And if I can't go home in December, I'm going to mail some cookies to Lisa! What should it be? Dunkable Brownies, I think.

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