Monday, 3 December 2012

1996 - We Dub Thee Dunkables

We made a double batch of Dunkable Brownies (that's what we call the Chocolate Brownie Cookies) to make up for yesterday. Upon reflection, we figured out that we had added four squares too many in yesterday's botched batch. We shouldn't have added any extra chocolate (and one person should be in charge of mixing, measuring).

I had to go to Kroger for more Baker's chocolate (it wouldn't be Christmas without all these extra trips to the store for supplies!). 

The dough became awfully dry waiting, so these should be made one batch at a time - no doubling. Keep in mind the cooling time for the melted chocolate squares though. 

These will definitely take up permanent residence in our repertoire. So good and so easy.

Yield today: 9 whopping dozen.

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