Thursday, 20 December 2012

2002 - Wheat's My Favorite!

The Wheat Chex is a decidedly smaller box! BOO!

Each year, I vow to write or call General Mills to complain about Chex cereals and this year, I mean it. I don't want to complain about the cereals, as such. It's that I'm unhappy with the disparate quantities among the three varieties.I have always been disappointed with the puny size of the Wheat Chex box, so I sent them an email complaint.

The problem is that each batch of Original Chex Party Mix calls for 3 cups each Rice, Corn and Wheat Chex. The boxes come thusly: Rice = 13 cups; Corn = 12 cups; Wheat = 8 cups.  After the cereal has settled, at least one cup of that is crumbs. Consequently, I never have enough Wheat to stretch to three batches, and I'm left with too much Corn and Rice. And Wheat is my favorite. 

I suggested they offer a special, three-pack for holiday consumers - with all the cereals in the same-size box - so the Wheat Chex can accommodate a third batch. Are there really people who buy three boxes of Chex cereals at Christmas time and then make one batch of Chex Party Mix? And then what? Eat the rest of the cereal for breakfast? I don't recommend it; especially if I'm invited to the party where the Chex Party Mix is being served. It's nibble-icious.

As it is, I can only make two batches. Here it is Nov. 16, and that'll be gone before Thanksgiving. Yummy! I'm glad that Neil doesn't like it - leaves more for me. I'll have to watch Charlie with it though. 
That's all I managed today. The Chex Cereals came via express airmail from Mom. She sent some Bugles too - they're always fun to play with! I may pick up some more Chex cereals when I go home Dec. 2. A box of Corn; a box of Rice; and TWO boxes of Wheat.

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