Saturday, 29 December 2012

2002 - Backstretch to Homestretch

Our second-to-last issue — ever. 

It's Dec. 9 and Charlie and I leave for "home" tomorrow. I had to stop production all week so I could finish the real work of the magazine but I got a lot done today. The boss called this week and said this would be the last issue — "The Backstretch" is folding. Naturally, I'm disappointed. When I gave my notice because I was moving here to England, Sam worked it out so I could continue editing and designing the magazine from here. It's been great! I've been able to work from home, look after Charlie — and bake Christmas cookies! I don't think it's going to be easy to find something else here that's as flexible.

On to the baking, I made only two more types of cookies but they took a while. I started with Lime Meltaways. I made only one batch, since I was in a hurry to get them baked and brought home to Mom. One thing I have to remember: nuke the limes for 20 seconds for maximum juice. Two lovely logs yielded about 5 dozen Limeys. I packed them up for freezing, except one each for me and Neil to sample.

As I waited for the Lime Meltaways to chill for an hour, I decided to get the dough ready for the Moravian Spice Cookies. Except it calls for FIVE cups of flour and I had only three. Neil - bless him - went to town three different times for supplies. My Moravians didn't turn out as crispy as they should be. They were kind of chewy - still good - but chewy. I didn't get the dough rolled out as thin as it should have been. I used parchment paper instead of a Silpat (because I didn't have one) and I think that might have made a difference. Mom will be glad to have her scraps still and she said I could have her Silpat when I get home. Which is soon, so I better finish packing - cookies and clothes!

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