Wednesday, 5 December 2012

1997 - Shop Till You Drop

We didn't start until Monday, Dec. 1, because I had two reviews to do for the newspaper the Friday and Saturday after T-giving, which was late this year. Lisa and I kicked off our holiday season at Actor's Theater of Louisville with "A Christmas Carol." It was preceded by Kahlua hot chocolates at the intermezzo cafe nearby. This could be the start of a new sisterly tradition (the Kahlua hot chocolates, at the very least!).

Since we usually make so many trips to the store, we met last Wednesday (while preparing for our Thanksgiving feast) and put together a monster shopping list. We had intended to shop Sunday, before we started on everything, but we didn't manage. It sure would have helped. Lisa gave us a head start though by digging out all the bowls, sheets, cutters and other utensils and supplies (including our "Joy of Cooking") that we'll be using.

So we went shopping before we started baking. We spent about $80 on supplies but still didn't get enough butter and we forgot to buy food coloring, and aluminum pans (13x9) for the brownies. While we were out, I stopped by Mom and Dad's house to check the mail because I figured the package I was expecting had arrived. I ordered some Christmas textiles for us, including matching aprons!

A picture from the Cookie Diary of our Christmas
textiles: aprons, dish towels, oven mitts and potholders.
We started with Nestle's Original Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies at about noon. We baked a total of 24 dozen but I told Lisa that I don't think that they will last!

Lisa burned her Christmas vinyl tablecloth with a hot cookie sheet. After that, we started resting the trays on two potholders on an inverted cookie sheet that's too small to bake on. And whoops! - I left out the salt in one of the first CCC batches.

We were already exhausted, so we quit early - at 5 p.m. We'll make up for it tomorrow.

Nestle's Toll House CCC

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