Friday, 21 December 2012

2002 - Let's Roll!

I made Grandma Baker's Criss-Cross Cookies (peanut butter) because I prefer it to the "Joy of Cooking" recipe. The recipe calls for the dough to be chilled, though, and I'm not sure it needs it. It made the dough crumbly and harder to roll into balls. I think it's better to roll the balls, roll them in sugar, make the criss-crosses, then refrigerate the tray while another tray is baking.

Charlie's tricycle on Christmas morning.
They turned out beautifully. Once again, with my oven, rotation was the key. I wound up with six dozen (plus two) and Charlie ate one fresh from the oven when he woke from his nap. I froze all but two singles. Then I went straight into the Lime Meltaways. I love the way they smell - when I'm making and again when I'm baking. All I did today was mix the dough and shape it into rolls. I'll bake them tomorrow.

I took a break to put together the tricycle we got Charlie for Christmas. It's a beaut! It's blue chrome, has a bucket in the back and a long handle for me to push him around - I love it and cannot wait for Christmas morn! We walked to the bookstore to get a Christmas present for my brother Frank.

After supper, I whipped up a batch of Sugar Cookies (from Martha Stewart's 2001 Holiday issue). That dough is in the fridge too. I'll bake those tomorrow too, but frost them another day. Only 13 days till Charlie and I go see Grandma!

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