Sunday, 30 December 2012

2003 - Ten Years and Counting

We have kept a record of our recipes, observations and
memories over the years in "Our Cookie Journal."

Here we are in our 10th year of "Our Cookie Journal," although we've been baking cookies (and other delights) longer than that. Still, it's quite a record we have kept and I aways laugh and cry whenever I read through "Our Journal" again. I try to read it once before I begin baking, so I can benefit from any notes we may have made in the past about our favorites. Some years are harder to read, though — like our first Christmas without Dad, or my first year in England, without my family.

The reason I have it out as early as Nov. 8 this year is that I made Pumpkin Bread today. I used Mom and Dad's tried-and-true recipe and wound up with eight aromatic mini loaves. I've already had two yummy slices (topped with cream cheese). I'll have to make another batch so I have plenty to share! I emailed the recipe to Lisa again - let's hope she remembers the  pumpkin this year! (See UnPumpkin Bread!)

We can't help including Pumpkin Bread in "Our Cookie Journal" - especially since Dad always loved baking it and giving it away at Christmas time. A few batches of Pumpkin Bread are the standard prelude to all my cookie baking too. (I feel the same way about Chex Party Mix too. Mom mailed a package containing Chex cereals and Bugles to me last Wednesday, so I've already made two batches of Party Mix too. I did it within an hour of receiving the package! It's all part of Christmas to me.)

Anyway, since I'll be "Home for the Holidays," or at least for Thanksgiving, I'm going to start baking next week. I'll need to take cookies with me and I'll want cookies in the freezer for when we return. Now, to peruse "Our Journal" and decide what to make this year!

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