Monday, 10 December 2012

1998 - Cookie Nation

On Thursday, Dec. 3, we made Peanut Butter Cookies and Brownies Cockaigne. Again, we got off to a late start, but we finished with 20 dozen cookies and four pans of brownies. We used “Joy’s” recipe for both. The margarine might have softened too long for the second double batch of PeeBees but the golden disks were dee-lish! We packed the brownes in nice foil trays with plastic lids. “It’s a good thing.”

We took Friday “off” to go shopping for the girls. I spent a fortune! We resumed Tuesday with Sugar Cookies, for which we found gold and silver dragees and a frosting tip. We were going to do them Monday but i forgot the cutters, so we made 13 dozen Pumpkin Cookies (from “Joy” - hold the nuts and raisins). This time we drizzled them with frosting thinned with milk. Last year, they got stuck to the waxed paper. It was better this way, but it’s still not the answer.

We made two batches of Chex Party Mix for Lisa (I started making it before Thanksgiving!). I made a copy of my compilation tape, “Kevin’s Christmas Favorites,” for Lisa. She made 74 cupcakes for the girls’ various parties at school. Whew!

So Tuesday, we made 10 dozen Sugar Cookies. We baked and frosted on the same day. I argued for more but Lisa said, “NO!” I’m sure I turned out being right. They baked to a lovely golden color. We made wreaths, candy canes, stars, trees, bells and snowmen.

We took Wednesday off so I could go see the KISS concert in Lexington with my friend Angela. “I wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day!” More like bake every day!

KISS video

Angela doing her best Gene Simmons.

One more time!

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